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OK - so what we really do...

There is a universal path which each business has to take to be successful.

A roadmap if you will.

You need to identify your market needs, define your perfect customer avatar, create a stellar product or service, have a way to sell it, make an offer, generate traffic,  and convert leads into customers. Easy. Not really :)

Any flaws along this path will define your success or failure.

And that's where View16 comes in. We have extensive experience in Facebook & Google advertising (generating traffic) and analytics (conversions optimization).  We are also no stranger to websites development and building the sales funnels (tools to sell your product or service).

Before we even start working with our clients, we want to make sure that they are aware of their position within this universal framework. No clever sales tactic will save your business  if you have a crappy product, wrong positioning in a marketplace, or the biggest mistake of them all - you are talking to the wrong people.

Our core business is creating sales by generating traffic and pushing qualified leads through a customized sales funnels or optimized websites.

But for this process to be successful, we need to make sure that your foundation is solid and you have all the pieces in place  to support your sales .

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Do you have leads but don't know how to manage them?

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