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Strategies, tactics and tools to automate your online marketing
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6 Steps to Be Successful in Online Selling

  • 1: Audience & offer







Audience & Offer

Start with defining who is most likely to buy what you're selling, evaluate how appealing your offer is to this group, research the keywords they might use in searches, analyze what your competitors are doing, and understand the problems your product or service solves.

But... how?

Well, after this 30,000 feet overview let's go to the kitchen and see what kind of tactics and tools we can implement to move a needle in your business. Take a look at the diagram below and see what may be missing in your sales machine...

Intimidating? Well - of course. One thing to remember - you don't have to have all of it running in order to have success. In fact most of the businesses will never reach this point. All the steps are necessary but how you will execute them and how much time/resources you will put into them - it's totally up to you. It will thou determine you level os success and ability to scale.

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So What About This "automate" Stuff?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Let's leap back to header..


In the whirlwind world of marketing, AI technology is like a magic wand, transforming everything it touches. With the rapid advancements in AI, the tools I use have evolved dramatically, especially in the realms of research, copywriting, and image creation. Imagine having a super-smart assistant who can sift through mountains of data to find exactly what your audience loves, whip up compelling copy that resonates with your readers, or create eye-catching images in the blink of an eye. That's what these AI-powered tools are doing! They're not just time-savers; they're game-changers, enabling us to craft more targeted, creative, and effective marketing strategies than ever before.

Here is a snapshot of tools I am currently using. There are some foundational, "ancient" tools that are here to stay but there are also few AI-powered, new kids on the block with the jaw dropping capabilities.






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OK - so what we really do...

There is a universal path which each business has to take to be successful.

A roadmap, if you will.

You need to identify your market needs, define your perfect customer avatar, create a stellar product or service, have a way to sell it, make an offer, generate traffic, and convert leads into customers. Easy. Not really :)

Any flaws along this path will define your success or failure.

And that's where View16 comes in. We have extensive experience in Facebook & Google advertising (generating traffic) and analytics (conversions optimization). We are also no stranger to websites development and building the sales funnels (tools to sell your product or service).

Before we even start working with our clients, we want to make sure that they are aware of their position within this universal framework. No clever sales tactic will save your business if you have a crappy product, wrong positioning in a marketplace, or the biggest mistake of them all - you are talking to the wrong people.

Our core business is creating sales by generating traffic and pushing qualified leads through customized sales funnels or optimized websites.

But for this process to be successful, we need to make sure that your foundation is solid and you have all the pieces in place to support your sales.

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